Please noticed the ‘Contribution’ buttons on our forum’s front page, let me explain.
Ours is still a free and public message board. If all the registered message board members were paid members of the club we might not
need a contribution button at all.

To say we appreciate the combined creative and technical wisdom of our wonderful contributors is an understatement. Also the deep appreciation of our current, long term, and new paid members… it’s WHAT MAKES THIS SITE WHAT IT IS !!!!

However, we can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube and require paid membership to get on the board. We don’t want it, besides, for the most part paid membership message boards run out of juice and die on the vine.

With all this, our club has been pretty stagnate as far as the number of paid memberships.

So here’s a first step to try to help the situation. Seeing between 65 and 90% of the activity on the board is commerce of one sort or another, how bout tipping, making a contribution to the club that brings you this forum, this opportunity, this service…
If you sell something to a community that would only look here, if you buy something that you would only find here…. If this board helps you find the Early car you’ve been looking for, for years, and then, helps find the engine that goes with it…… Give the club that makes it happen a little something for it….

The people who are familiar with the Samba board know they suggest a 1% contribution… it seems fair.

Of course these contributions are not required, how could they be?....
This is on the honor system of what you feel the ease and facilitation of the transaction is worth….

There might be other actions we’ll need to take down the road as far as paying to sell your stuff on the board… But for now… this is all up to you.

Push the button and please make a contribution to the club that made it happen…